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Recovery Keynote Topics

  • Spirituality and Recovery
  • Supplemental and Alternative Treatment for Wellness
  • “Queen of the Alphabet and other Humorous Stories: Amusing Accounts of Recovery” Q & A to follow

Recovery Workshop Topics

  • Public Policy Advocacy and working with the Media
  • Volunteerism
  • Leadership Skills for Consumers and Family Members

Diana has eleven years experience offering several diverse topics to various organizations.

She is recognized throughout the state of Texas advocating for:

  • increased funding for mental health treatment (both public and private providers)
  • consulting with Health and Human Service agencies regarding mental health issues and self-determination in recovery-oriented treatment
  • the importance of fair and just Mental Health Parity Laws
  • training and education for Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) and Suicide Prevention
  • contributing her expertise on Restraint and Seclusion Reduction Techniques to Mental Health Foundations, Legislative mandated workgroups and committees and treatment centers
  • writing, editing and publishing articles on Spirituality and Recovery, elimination of stigma and book reviews
  • peer and family support
  • contributing volunteer time to serve mental health and disability organizations

Email Diana at dkzeus@austin.rr.com for information on fee structure. Travel and Lodging expenses to be paid by client.

Complete Resume of Diana Kern


expect it...it will happen

Recovery is more than science...
           it is growth in every area of your life.

Diana Kern

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